... all the feelings when you are interacting with a large animal. At RIDING BRAVE we want you to feel empowered in your adventures and be a part of a brave community who continues to listen to their horse, learn from their horse and experience the freedom riding a horse can bring. There is no feeling like it! We hope you enjoy this new series of #BRAVERIDERS.


We are excited to kick off our new #BRAVERIDERS series with Bonnie Kearney! We have collaborated with Bonnie on the SPRING INTO SUMMER t-shirt which celebrates the joy our horses have when the Spring grass comes through. Bonnie's horse Roto is a 16.2/3 hands, off the track who she trained up to where he is now. Bonnie has had Roto for nearly 6 years and what a journey it has been. This team are currently competing CCN1* eventing! 

We asked Bonnie some questions about her love of riding, and what it means to be a #BRAVERIDER. 

When did your love of horses begin? 
My love for horse began about 6/7 years ago when my mate got me on her horse and from then it has been my favourite thing in the world.

What 3 words would you use to describe your feeling of riding in the saddle?
Adrenaline, grateful and happy.

What do you love buying for Roto?
I love buying saddle pads for my horses 

Who inspires you in the industry?
My inspiration in the industry has to be Sophia Hill because of how hard she works and her back story with Hughie is incredible!

What breed is your dream horse?
My dream breed of a horse would have to be a straight thoroughbred or a thoroughbred x warm blood.

How would you describe the words RIDING BRAVE?
I would describe the words riding brave as empowering because I love the thought of riding confidently and it takes a lot of bravery to control an animal with a mind of its own.

What are you working on with your horse right now?
I’m currently working with Roto towards our next few comps and making sure we are both prepared for the rest of the year, also focusing on keeping our bond using horsemanship.

You can follow Bonnie's journey on Instagram @bonnie.eventing

We will be releasing our next #BRAVERIDER blog post next month - stay tuned! 

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